Saturday, October 20, 2007

And, We Know This How?

Most papers this morning reported Friday's release of statewide jobless data, courtesy of the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation. But Bob Fliss, Charlotte Sun business news editor, leads us to believe he woke up just knowing all that stuff. No where in his 30-inch story does Fliss attribute the long list of percentages and comparisons he reports to the hardworking folks who were kind enough to gather, describe and make all those figures available to him.

Readers might like to know that this agency is in charge of collecting Florida's labor market statistics, among other things. Also under the agency's umbrella are the state's unemployment compensation program and its Office of Early Learning, including a prekindergarten program. The agency oversees regional workforce boards and "One-Stop Career Centers."

It would be interesting to know how the agency gathers its data and how often it releases it -- monthly? quarterly? Does the data come from the agency's own unemployement applications or from a university research department? Does it provide any analysis along with the data, such as a suggestions about seasonal adjustments, linkages to the construction or tourism industries? Sun readers, evidently, don't need to know any of this.

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