Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More Community News: Olympia, Wash.

Okay, the world is contracting and the global village is expanding. And I, as a citizen of both, would do well to spend some time caring deeply about the folks in Olympia, Wash. I'm sure they're nice, one and all. I wouldn't mind reading how Olympians address crime, taxes, jail overcrowding, student test scores, or rural health care, to name just a few concerns our communities might have in common.
Instead, America's Best Community Daily dedicates its most valuable real estate this morning to a story from the Evergreen state about a Big Foot museum. Opening-day festivities are represented by interviews with four persons, the oldest of whom is 12. The two adults quoted are clearly delusional, although the reporter can't properly say that.
Don't bother clicking the read-more link because there isn't any.

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