Sunday, October 7, 2007

News and Not News

This is what blogs are for, not newspapers. And this. These wonders occupied nearly 80 inches of DeSoto Sun newshole today. Meanwhile, I had to go to the competing Herald-Tribune's Charlotte edition to read the EPA approved a highly toxic spray for strawberry growers (relatively large farming interest around here) and extension agents are releasing neutered Med flies from airplanes to reduce a pest that threatens citrus crops.

But most important, it was the Tribune's Joe Follick who gave readers a meaningful inside look in his report from the special legislative session on the state's nasty no-fault insurance battle, "one of the messiest special-interest fights [...] seen in years."

The Sun's business editor apparently went to Tallahassee, too. Unfortunately, his yawner relied heavily on process and procedure, details meaningless to the poor folks who must figure out whether to buy or not buy no-fault car insurance next month: "The Republicans had enough of a council majority to carry both amendments on voice votes. Then the bill itself was then passed on a roll call, with both barties going in both directions. Brown voted for the amendments but against the bill, just has he had in his own committee Wednesday."

I could forgive Our Man in Tallahassee had he followed up on Saturday or Sunday with an analysis, wrap-up, op-ed, editorial, or something, anything to put this in perspective.

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