Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Magic is Missing

Crude flirts with magic $100 price
NEW YORK (AP) — Energy futures wavered, hesitating on a drive to $100 a barrel today after the government reported that oil inventories fell unexpectedly last week, but that supplies at a closely watched oil terminal in the Midwest rose for the first time in weeks.
XX Light, sweet crude for January delivery rose 55 cents to $98.58 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange but alternated frequently between gains and losses.
XX Earlier they had risen as high as $99.29 a barrel in electronic trading to break the previous intraday record of $98.62 set earlier this month

Sleight of desk, I guess.

They Read in the Newspaper
That It Worked in Atlanta

The journalist reports 60 residents are praying.
Since about 20 appear in his photograph, readers must assume either he can't count or that trinity business is involved.

Did I mention this is the DeSoto Sun we're reading?

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  1. Well ... maybe there were 60 when he counted 'em, but before he could get back under the hood and squeeze the shutter bulb, 40 got assumed bodily. I've heard it can happen in a hurry.