Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stop the Press Releases -- Readers Know the Difference

I hope everyone at Sun-Herald newspapers who has an interest in "citizen journalism" and "reader-generated content" gets a chance to read Adam Weinstein's 'Stop the Press Releases' in Mother Jones Magazine.

"The only thing newspapers still have going for them is their reputation for telling the truth, going deep, and reporting good stories," Weinstein writes.

"There's a place for reader blogs and community participation in the 21st-century newspaper, but let's not kid ourselves that they are a substitute for what people look for in their morning paper," Weinstein writes.

Reader-generated content and citizen journalism aren't real journalism -- and readers know the difference.

Copy thrown up on the Web seemingly just to fill space -- readers recognize the sloppy, shoddy work of a demoralized "couldn't care less" staff, dancing as fast as it can.

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