Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why Two Grown-ups Should Read the Headlines

Caseworkers find four children dead in a Washington, D.C., home and Charlotte Sun page designers trivialize it to "dropping the ball." Worse, the paginator's headline reads as if a macabre game is involved:

"Six workers terminated for dropping ball with dead girls"

Next in need of a headline writer (not a page pourer): "Blood bank facing blood shortage"

And then, there's today's Big Story ...
Today's Big Story leads this way: "ARCADIA -- Now that the holiday season is over, the Arcadia City Council can settle down into its twice monthly meeting rhythm again."

And they say nothing ever happens in our little town.

Flash: A real reporter has been assigned to write the second-day report on the cop-kills-robber story that broke over the weekend. Unfortunately, he got trees and people mixed up in an unwarranted search for local color: "Law enforcement officials have yet to release the name of the man who was felled during a shootout Saturday night with the Zolfo Springs Police Department." Paul Bunyon, we presume, will be found at fault.

And no, the man killed didn't have shootout with the department. Remember, departments don't kill robbers; cops kill robbers.

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