Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's on the FCAT

Arcadia's intrepid newspaper editor, Laura Schmid, churns out her weekly good-news only column this morning, offering readers a review of re-hashed material that ran in her pages four times this week. Her column offers, as she styles it, a "sneak peak" at another warmed-over item, upcoming showings of a charming local movie about Florida cowboys.

Dear Editor: If something has already appeared several times in the newspaper and multiple times around town, you cannot promise readers a sneak peek. And, please learn the difference between a furtive glance and a furtive mountain top. It's on the FCAT.

The same editor attended a play and alerted her readers to the sad situation that she, the college graduate, with a master's degree in a liberal arts discipline, was "not sure what to expect" at the one-act showcase. The tyro reviewer calls the show "lighthearted" in quotes -- even though she's not quoting anyone. Her major critical judgment: the actors "concluded after one-and-a-half hours, just the right amount of time." Readers are happy the play did not strain Schmid's attention span.


  1. Your blog continues to delight me and my husband is now hooked too -- it has become the highlight of our day!

  2. Thanks! We work in the service of real journalism and love that you love us. Maybe there's hope!