Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Editors Were Awakened in the Writing of These Gems

No one saved John Haughey from himself today: "Albert Joerger hopes to wade into the surf before taking the cold, brisk plunge into regional water issues Tuesday ... But it's unlikely he'll have much of an apprenticeship before he must sink or swim."

And no editor bothered to clarify this mystery meat: "Girle, Harris rally for FLW victory." The story is about a fishing tournament. The letters FLW are never explained. Who Girle and Harris are remains a mystery. They get first names and cities in the second graf but really, nothing more than fish, fish and more fish -- nothing that says they're famous enough to get their names in headlines, much less the front page banner.

A Florida college graduate in the employ of a daily newspaper describes the action in a front-page photo today: Braves' first-baseman Tyler King stand his ground to stop a infield grounder from the Marlin's from getting on base Saturday during the DeSoto County Youth Athletic Association baseball opening day jamboree at the Brewer Sports Complex in Arcadia.

And that cutline appears on the Web as well, so two editors dropped the grammatical ball.

And when school-board elections roll around, two who need to be shown the door: "My personal belief is creationism and I believe it should be taught along with evolution because our students should have a choice," said DeSotoCounty School Board member Karen Chancey. And fellow board member Deborah Snyder "shares Chancey's beliefs," according to a Wednesday story in the DeSoto Sun.

Children should have a choice. Hmmm. Let's teach astrology along with astronomy. Let the kids choose. Let's teach alchemy along with chemistry. Let the kids choose.

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