Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Which is it?

Today's editorial: "The state has approved DeSoto's comprehensive plan ..."

Feb. 2 version: "Under fire since its conception, DeSoto’s proposed comp plan has been in bureaucratic purgatory since it was adopted by the County Commission in August 2007; it won’t take effect until the department gives the plan its seal of approval."

Which is it II?

This is today's news:
By LAURA A. SCHMID DeSoto Editor
ARCADIA – Two days after a massive manhunt for an escaped sexual offender was undertaken in DeSoto County, the wanted man essentially strolled into the hands of local police two blocks from the county jail early Sunday morning.

Here's last Saturday's version:
Young, 59, was still at large Friday afternoon as deputies scaled back search efforts. "We never did get a track; nothing gave us any direction, besides that he possibly left through the south side of the compound. ... The dogs never did pick up a track. Early morning rains may have hampered search efforts. ... "

Everytime a reporter tosses in a gratuitous adjective like "massive," she signals to readers that she's more into sounding like a reporter like than actually being one. Or maybe -- worse -- she thinks readers won't remember the details, so she can make them up as she goes along.

Over where there's no news -- the good news only column -- readers learn Laura did laundry!

DeSoto County residents now may count themselves well-informed, ready to face another day of local government, regional law enforcement, school district shennanigans, and comp plan planning, knowing Laura did 16 loads when she realized that she had run out of bed sheets. (Laura, this falls into the category of "more than we needed to know.")

Alice's Adventures in Copy Editing

Becky Bovell claims to be able to prove pigs have wings. But it was her imagination that took flight when she gave Lewis Carroll a middle initial ("G") in her business column this morning. She is probably thinking of Leo G. Carroll, a character actor from the 1940's and 1950's. But there was no one at the newspaper who could fact check.

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  1. Dear Old Word Wolf

    I stumbled upon your website while looking for an old Scott Wilcoxen column this week and it has been a source of glee for me over the past two days.

    You comments are exactly how I see things -- 'Patient satisfaction' is the dumbest reason I've ever heard to explain laying off five people from DeSoto Memorial Hospital's clinic... and I really don't care how many loads of laundry Laura did last weekend. I especially liked Detecting ABCD's Plagiarists and have to wonder if perhaps the Sun's publisher thought if they knew the tricks to spotting plagiarism, they could better hide it from you? By the way, is there no [earthly] penalty for plagiarism?

    I love your insight on the various articles printed in the DeSoto Sun and now that I have found you, I will look forward to future postings.

    (Never blogged before - hope this gets to you)