Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hints from Heloise

Money Saving Tip: Ask readers to write "money-saving tips." Cut out the expense of leaving the newsroom; eliminate the trouble of finding, sourcing, researching, writing, editing and publishing genuine, fact-checked news.

xxxx xxxxxxNew column to highlight readers’ tips
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBy Nicole Noles
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNorth Port Herald Editor

From stories of mass foreclosures to recent layoffs in the area, our paper has more stories of economic crisis than any of us really want to see. Of course, it’s our job to report the news as it happens, so we can’t turn a blind eye to the economy or the plight of local residents as they struggle to make ends meet.

To offset recent economic difficulties, many people have discovered or rediscovered new ways to save money.

Aside from the online groups and syndicated columns, there’s a resource we can draw on in our own community — our ingenuity.

So starting next week, we will be running a new column in the North Port Herald called Stretch Your Budget. We’re going to compile local readers’ tips on how they save money in hopes that we can all benefit and save some much-needed cash.

Send your best tips to nnoles@sun-herald.com. Include your name with the tip so we can give you proper credit and let us know whether you would prefer a random list of tips or a set theme each week, such as uses for “paper or plastic bags.”

For the complete column, see Wednesday’s North Port Herald or check out the e-edition

The operant word is buried in the fourth paragraph: "compile." Nicole better watch her back; the Dunn-Rankins soon won't need the expense of an editor to "compile" what readers will already have conveniently written. They'll compose at least as well as "rediscovered new ways..."

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  1. AAAGGGHHH... I can't believe we are now going to get 'tips' instead of news. I have a tip -- I plan to put my head in a plastic bag to stop the pain of reading this rag.