Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Morning Suck Up

A local businessman is over-charged for his mining-permit renewal. The businessman asks a county commissioner to look into it. An administrative error is uncovered. The mistake is corrected and the businessman pays the correct, lesser amount. The result: Local Reporter Writes Mighty Mouse Headline

(Yes, sadly, reporters write many of the headlines that run in the Charlotte Sun and its outlying editions.)

The headline is meaningless. The “news” story is meaningless. How many administrative errors are corrected every day in local government with no fanfare whatsoever? Clearly, DeSoto Sun News Editor Jon Sica couldn’t suppress his urge to butter up Elton Langford. The unanswered question is, “Why?”

To make matters worse, Sica is taking golf lessons. His lead: "...the county is calling for a mulligan." To make matters worse, Sica calls the unremarkable series of events a "drastic action." To make matters worse, the newspaper actually ran this treacle.


  1. The Sun doesn't know what "real news" is... and I didn't need to know about the woman who sat on the potty for two years. There is news out there that would make us better informed about the city, county, country, they just don't know it when they see it. Just a thought...

  2. I know, I know. The kids are in charge of the asylum. Four columns, 16 inches and an "over the fold" banner for the toilet story tells every reader something about the Dunn-Rankin standard.