Saturday, March 1, 2008

Recycling Headlines

In Arcadia, we don't recycle glass, plastic, lawn clippings, aluminum or old batteries and paint. (When we did, the county picked up everything and dumped it in neat piles in the county landfill.) But over at the DeSoto Sun, editors recycle news (the phrase "good news this week .. " alerts readers the upcoming items will have appeared at least four times in the prior week's pages as community news, bulletins, briefs, etc.); they recycle clichés (Jon Sica's current favorite is "bureaucratic purgatory"); and they recycle headlines. In the short space of 36 days, the editing team of Sica and Schmid have saved ... what? ... by the judicious reuse of what is arguably the world's most recognizable cliché. Oh well, at least they dropped the unnecessary hyphen.

It makes no difference to the writer or editors that the story has nothing to do with optimism, pessimism, or even glasses of water. The story is about the absence of a local ordinance to penalize folks who ignore water-conservation mandates. But hey, who says a headline has to reflect the story in Our Happy News Town?

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