Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Those Pesky Apostrophes

Old Word Wolf finds association contests suspect for a number of reasons. This morning's full-page Sun brag highlights most of them.

--Why not announce who gave the award? It makes a difference if it is the local chamber of commerce or the Pulitzer committee.
--Was the contest limited to "members only?" Most of these things are. Pay your dues, get a trophy.
--Were the judged samples self-selected or were they evaluated over a random range of time? Each method represents two wildly different standards of quality.
--Was there a time period involved? Perphaps this award is for 2005, like the "Pulitzer Finalist" brag on page 2?
--Editing: Circulation is a measure of size, making that line needlessly redundant.

And finally, who the heck proofread this masterpiece of design and layout?

Maybe the brag should be "We can print it even if we don't know the difference between a contraction and a pronoun."

And over in the front section:

Another in-house production -- this one crying out for an apostrophe.

1 comment:

  1. Sun management believes the more awards you win, the better the paper. Obviously, they are wrong.