Monday, April 28, 2008

Heads, Small and Large

Kaboom. The one at the right really doesn't count as a newspaper headline; it was written by a chiropractor, not a copy editor. But still, someone at the newspaper should have saved him the embarrassment.

The expression is "a boon for all mankind." And what's with the sexism? Women don't count?

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  1. While the Sun was printing this "article", there was (and may still be) a boil water issue for Arcadia. How did people find out? Not by any investigative reporting by the Sun reporters... but by going to Chili's for dinner and finding a sign on the door saying they were closed due to water issues, or by shopping at Walmart and learning they could not buy produce because it was sprayed with the water... come on Sun, step up to the plate and be a real newspaper.