Saturday, June 21, 2008

Geography Lesson

A letter to the editor this morning complains about a stand taken by “Rep. Harrell” regarding abortion and property rights. None of Charlotte Sun’s wide-awake, reader-oriented editors bothered to insert the representative's party affiliation, district and first name -- those would be Republican, District 81, and Gayle B.

The same wide-awake, reader-oriented editors didn’t notice the letter comes from a man mad as a horse with a burr under his tail – in Stuart.

The same wide-awake, reader-oriented editors ignored the geographic relationship between their employer’s newspaper-circulation area and Ms. Harrell’s district – about 200 miles and Lake Okechobee separate them.

Folks in DeSoto County (Florida House District 71) have grown accustomed to reading letters sounding off about news in Charlotte, North Port, Englewood, Venice, and even Sarasota, that energize readers in other Dunn-Rankin zones but which didn't run in the happy-news-only edition. But trying to pawn off Stuart news, even out here, is a bit much.

Thanks to My Florida dot gov for the educational use of its map.

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