Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ruppel: "I Am Meticulous About Giving Sources"

Frequent Venice Gondolier columnist Mary Kay Ruppel wraps up her Friday column with assurances to readers that she's meticulous about naming sources. It's her closing note in a tirade constructed largely around at least five unnamed sources. Thanks for the reassurance, Mary Kay!

"....Fannie Mae Chief Franklin Raines is reported to have accumulated a personal wealth of $100 million..."

"...Jamie Gorlick, another Clinton buddy is also said to be worth in excess of $100 million ..."

"...Barack Obama is said to be the third-largest recipient of Fannie Mae's political contributions reported at more than $100,000 ..."

"... Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Barney Frank have also allegedly benefited from this financial crisis ..."

" ... P.S. I am meticulous about giving sources when I quote other columnists, newspapers, etc."


  1. Glad to see you're back, OWW. And, glad to see you are going to take on the Gondo-liar. It's worse than the Sun on so many levels. I'll even pay for your home-delivery subscription!

  2. Hooray! All hail Madame Wolf! Welcome back, OWW. There's more than enough material at the Gondo to keep you busy. Please don't ever doubt how much you're appreciated and needed!

  3. Welcome back OWW.I commend you, as always, on protecting journalism. I was interested to see I-75 reader call the newspaper the "Gondo-liar" as that seems more accurate.I also agree with I-75 belief that the Gondolier is worse than the Sun. Misspellings, inaccurant information and an inability to stay in touch with news happening in the community seems commonplace. The paper recently spelled the word tropical, "Tropicl" on the front page. Keep up the good work OWW.