Monday, January 19, 2009

Copy Editors Agree: Subjects and Verbs Must

The headline's subject is not only plural, it's plural in triplicate. The verb needs to be plural. Once will do. Lower, in the story's second graf, the writer tells us " ... none of the collisions have brought down a plan." None, as copy editors -- and readers know -- is singular.

What the Story Says Doesn't Matter

On the local front, the Charlotte Sun's consumer
advocate advises caution when entering
pay-to-publish literatry contests. But
the copy desk disagrees and says so in the hed.


  1. There isn't even any discussion of mistakes here. I thought newspaper work would be interesting with stimulating discussion and debate about the news, potential stories, choice of headlines. Not here. It's just get it done and go home. My editors don't ever ask me to re-write or check additional facts, ever. I thought I'd be learning every day. I'm not.

  2. Newbie, at most newspapers that is the case.