Saturday, June 27, 2009

Plagiarism is Ugly

Not a pretty sight: Kristen Spahr, the newest in a series of public relations and marketing youngsters over a the local hospital, makes it clear she can't be bothered with citing sources, paraphrasing, or producing original material for her employer. But she does make the effort to paste her own by-line on top of material that she took straight from a product brochure.*

Sphar's plagiarism graced page 6 in the Our Town section of yesterday's DeSoto Sun. Although Sun editors had been made aware of Spahr's plagiarism a couple of weeks back, not one of them seems to have "Googled" even a phrase from the most recent submission.

*Is the manufacturer of the knee-surgery equipment going to object to its name (in capital letters, no less) splashed all over the news hole? Not likely. Does the source's complicity mitigate the ethical failure of lying? Kristen, do I hear your answer?

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  1. I like the "patient-specific" part of the headline -- as if other surgeries aren't.