Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Excited Crowds Greet Obama

Cutline1: Arcadians shout excitedly as president Barack Obama passes by in his motorcade Tuesday in DeSoto County, although he could not be seen from inside his limo.

Cutline 2: An excited crowed laughed, danced, waved their hands and supportive signs, took photos and chanted, "Obama! Obama! Obama!" as his presidential motorcade turned the corner where they gathered in Arcadia.

1 comment:

  1. The first sentence of a cutline should be in present text. Sentences following that in past tense.

    The first sentence should describe what is happening in the photo.

    This is known as AP style which photojournalists and reporters. The Sun claims to follow AP style.

    The person taking these photos is what photographers and photojournalists call a "button pusher."

    Of the last five hires I saw before I resigned from SCMG, none had either any courses, a degree or experience in journalism.

    When the president of the country visits your community it is the local paper that serves its readers by presenting a complete visual and written record of the event.

    This coverage is important because it will (should) also serve, decades from now, as the town's historical record of the event.

    If you are a trained journalist, you understand this.

    My apologies if you are a Floridian and this offends you.

    But the only reason that SCMG can continue to sell papers (although 10k plus less papers) is that it exists in the geographical and cultural environment of Port Charlotte and surrounding areas.