Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today's Op-Ed Headline


  1. I just found your blog and think one thing would improve this already great product. Please cover not only what goes in the paper, but also what is kept out. Case in point: Editor Susan Hoffman for the Arcadia area refused to run anything about the court case or pleas made by the wife of a powerful personage, the school superintendent in Desoto County. The wife, Jane Sorrells Cline, was arrested for shoplifting late last year. Although Ms. Hoffman has run lots of court news and does a column called Dispositions, she had assiduously kept this one out of the paper. Apparently, its enough to have a big name and you get shielded by the press from adverse scrutiny. I don’t know Ms. Hoffman but if she has children in the school system and fears retribution against them from teachers under the direction of the top Bulldog, then I guess it’s understandable that the newspaper would shield the powerful person from embarrassment. Only a fruit picker or carpenter or dump truck driver gets the full scrutiny of the press. I can give you e-mails in which Ms. Hoffman gives “reason after reason” a.k.a. “excuses” for not informing the public whether there is equal treatment under the law because apparently theres no equal treatment when it comes to the press.

  2. Did it run in the Charlotte paper? That's where the arrest was made, and where she went to court. They had a section every Monday where all the court stuff went in.