Monday, January 31, 2011

All Children are Male

The Charlotte Sun's executive editor reports that he dropped by a local elementary school to read to the kids. Apparently all the children he met were boys. Here's the editor's summation:

If a child doesn't get interested in reading at an early age, it becomes more difficult as he get's older. ... the trick is finding something that will spark his interest. ... take him to the library ... let him pick out some books ... find magazines he may like ....

The saddest part about Chris Porter's clueless sexism and offensive stereotyping is no one on the copy desk dared to correct a senior editor. Male privilege, perhaps. No, the really saddest part is Porter himself couldn't be bothered to revise and polish. Simply couching the passage in the plural ("... if children aren't interested ... spark their interest ..." etc.) wouldn't leave out half the school's pupils.

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  1. Old Word Wolf sums up the situation when she accurately chooses the words "saddest" and "clueless"to describe the situation.