Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Plagiarism Seasons "Corey's Kettle" Recipe Column

The January issue of Smithsonian Magazine is on the coffee table. Old Word Wolf has just finished reading its article "A Plague of Pigs in Texas" by John Morthland and Wyatt McSpadden. Anyone can read it on the Internet -- and in today's Lake Placid Journal. That's because the Journal's one-named writer seems to have plagiarized it. Even the photo "Corey's Kettle" submits to Journal editors as his own work is a rip-off from the Internet, posted there and credited to Richard Wooders dot com. After seeing the gruesome stuffed pig, both in Corey Kettle's plagiarized version and the unappetizing orignal, OWW questions Corey Kettle's taste as well as his ethical compass.

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