Friday, April 29, 2011

The Error: No Regrets

Many Charlotte Sun readers were looking for a correction in this morning's paper. They didn't get it.
4/30 UPDATE: The newspaper ran its correction today. Good Job, Guys!

Yesterday, while the rest of the nation was looking at hand-written entries and a midcentury typewriter's Courier font on President Barack Obama's so-called long-form birth certificate, Sun Coast Media Group editors were showing readers the document that had been released years ago. The artwork around the Sun's front-page box carried the distinctive title bar of the previously released certification, not the one making yesterday's news.

Running corrections is fundamental to a reputable newspaper's ethics. When editors or reporters hand readers the wrong information, readers have a right to know they got it wrong, and maybe even a bit about why the news went off the rails.

The only correction in today's paper is a phone number that ran in an ad two days ago for a Punta Gorda hair salon's open house.

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