Monday, May 9, 2011

Pulling an Air Traffic Controller: Sleeping on the Job

March 26, 2010: U.S. Attorney William Hochul goes to a news conference in Buffalo, N.Y. Someone at the Associated Press snaps a picture, including his handsome reflection in a shiny-topped table.

May 8, 2011: A year later and 2,000 miles down the road, the Charlotte Sun's copy desk kids decide Hochul and his reflected image are the perfect illustration for a story about the dangers of unprotected wireless.

Is Hochul mentioned or quoted in the story? No.

Was the 2010 news conference Hochul attended about wi-fi privacy? Doesn't say.

We used to call the newsroom process of locating illustrative, informative photography "pulling art." This seems more like "pulling an air-traffic controller" -- sleeping on the job.

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  1. is it even worth pointing out that this story has been sitting on the AP wire for about a week?