Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bible Church Minister Plagiarizes Sermon of the Week

Richard Adomatis, who styles himself "reverend," ends a sermon in this morning's Charlotte Sun saying, "I know for certain I have received the gift of eternal life."

Old Word Wolf must clarify that: "...eternal life as a plagiarist."

It's plagiarism to use the words of others without acknowledgement or quotation marks. This particular "man of god" gives chapter and verse when he quotes from his particular holy book. But he hasn't developed the moral compass that reminds him to do similar when he cuts and pastes from a website that someone else wrote.

It's plagiarism to copy another writer's order of ideas, discussion structure, and pattern of support without acknowledging that the other writer ordered the ideas, structured the discussion, and arranged the supporting material.

Plagiarism breaks about half the commandments that this "man of god" probably claims to advocate and pounds his pulpit about on a regular basis.

So, let's see how we can follow the path of Rev. Richard Adomatis' holy example: Steal (the words of others). Lie (about your intellectual contribution). Cheat (readers from knowing the truth of your source information). Covet (what another writer created). Be boastful, prideful, and vain. Be hypocritical and work to deceive.

And there, my children, is one Christian's sermon of this week.

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