Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Car Rolls Over in Light Rain but We Think There's More To It

A car rolls over in light rain and a reporter makes it to the scene. Mat Delaney has camera, snaps picture and gets news ... after a fashion. Delaney, long-time reporter, editor, journalist, voice of all things happening in Lake Placid, reports it this way:

Injuries minor in rollover crash
A light rain and slick roads were blamed for this single vehicle rollover crash Friday evening.

We can see it now: the little car is tootling along in light rain and rolls over.

Newsman Delaney doesn't think to report where the car that rolls over in light rain. It's irrelevant that the car that rolls over in light rain had a driver or that the driver was teen, elder, or mother with child.

It's irrelevant who told the reporter that unnamed persons suffered minor injuries from the car that rolls over in light rain. Readers don't need to know if the car that rolls over in light rain does this along the six-lane highways bisecting This Little Town or prefers to roll over in light rain along citrus grove roads -- or maybe in its own driveway.

There's so much we'll never know about the little car that rolls over in light rain. It's either irrelevant or too much to ask if a driver encourages the car to roll over in the rain or if the car does the trick all on its own.

Delaney's trick is pretty cute, too. He gets a photo credit and paycheck for a story that doesn't use up a single one of journalism's five W's.

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  1. Maybe I should go to work for SCMG so I can take it easy . I actually have to do real work to earn a paycheck.