Friday, September 23, 2011

Nature PhotoShopped

An insect is the best local photojournalism the kids on the copy desk could find for yesterday's local front.

The image has been so badly "Photoshopped" that a cloud of wormy indigo swirls billow around the subject. A heavy doodle line outlines the dragonfly itself, evidence that the image has been manipulated -- so amateurishly that a reasonably alert photo editor would notice.

Anything that might give context -- the who, what, when, where that a photo in a newspaper is expected to convey -- has been diligently erased for reasons that are never shared with the newspaper reader -- you know, the ones who pay more than $400 a year for honestly presented information?

The whole effort is a fake, intended to mislead and misinform. It's not even a "pretty picture."

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