Monday, October 10, 2011

This Really Happened

This is a telephone conversation with the Charlotte Sun newspaper's e-subscription person:

CS: That will be $31.74.
OWW: No, that would be $29.94.
CS: Well, there's sales tax.
OWW: But Florida does not tax electronic subscriptions.
CS: Well, we feel we should collect sales tax on electronic subscriptions.
OWW: But the newspaper is not empowered to determine what is taxed.
CS: I know. But we feel we should collect it.

News From the Time Warp Edition ....

Christmas comes early. 
No it doesn't.

The festival commemorates 500 years of Florida history since the arrival of the Spanish  conquistadors.
The first conquistador in  Florida, Juan Ponce de Leon, arrived in the summer of 1513, so the celebration is about two years too soon.

"Feeling Fit's" cover last week said it was Sunday, October 3, 2011.


  1. Fuzzy math? The sales tax in Charlotte County is 7 percent, 6 for the county and 1 for the state. If someone was charging you tax on your $29.94 subscription, the total would be $32.04.

  2. Has anyone reported Sun Coast Media Group to the Florida Department of Revenue?

  3. No need. The company has mended its evil ways. Subscribers, as of Tuesday morning, are no longer being charged sales tax on e-subscriptions, according to the publisher's telemarketing training manager who contacted us about this. Florida DOR rep. Laura Moody says if the tax was collected, even in error, as long as SCMG sends the money to the state, it's not fraud.