Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hole In Space

1. Retouching photographs is sinning in the temple of journalism. 
2. Submitting a retouched photograph tells the congregation you use your camera and Photoshop to lie.
3. Besides, Frank Kananaugh, you aren't even good at it. 
4. Which  Charlotte Sun editor was at lunch when this hole in space came up for review?


  1. This is a reason why most of us don't bother to comment on this stuff any longer. Anonymous says it all in three simple uppercase letters, although I object to the exclamation points — LOL.

    With all that you've pointed out over the years about Sun Coast Media and their ridiculous excuses for newspapers, they still have 30,000 plus subscribers — according to what they tell the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

    What that says about the population of the area may be more telling.