Monday, December 5, 2011

Stoopid News

Tom Cappiello: "Pizza now satisfies the vegetable requirement for school lunches."

No, it doesn't.  Just because Fox News says it, doesn't make it so.

Cappiello's unattributed, unsourced declaration in one of the best-read, locally produced columns in Sun Coast Media Group's health-topics tab is a major disservice -- and embarrassingly  incorrect in every possible way.

The recently passed spending bill (H.R. 2112, mainly agricultural appropriations) which Cappiello does not identify, forbids the use of its funding to implement any revisions to the nation's two operative school-nutrition acts.

Specifically, the Childhood Nutrition Act of 1966 as amended (most recently in 2010), permits two tablespoons or more of tomato paste to "count toward" a vegetable serving.  The tomato paste lobby succeeded in getting H.R. 2112's "forbids" language inserted because there had been a move afoot to increase that requirement to a quarter-cup of tomato paste (about twice two tablespoons).

Any columnist worth the ink owes it to readers to verify his pronouncements and claims regarding legislation at

In fact, there is nothing "now" about the tomato-paste allowance; there is nothing about "pizza" in the legislation, and there is nothing in this news that had not already been launched and endorsed during Reagan's administration.

Cappiello owes his readers a correction.

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