Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dodgy, Dodgy, Dodgy

PhotoShopping a huge blot of empty white space around the figures -- to the point of erasing an otherwise well-defined horizon and washing away the Gulf's golden reflections --  makes Charlotte Sun's Feb. 14 front page photo look more like a Viagra ad than journalism. Dodgy, dodgy, dodgy.


  1. The point farthest from the "sun" and closest to the viewer is the brightest white. Think their headed down that long white tunnel. Don't you mean cialis?

  2. Contributors ... can't be expected to understand photojournalism ethics. They just see what a pretty image they created with the tools at hand and all they want is to share it. It's like punishing a two-year-old for pocketing candy from the store. They simply don't know that it's wrong, and, outside of the world of journalism, it's actually not wrong. If I had been the photo editor I would have contacted the woman and asked if she had "spiced it up" a little. If she had then I would have had a gentle conversation about how True is better than Pretty, journalism-wise, then maybe start a reader's photos column/contest for some reader participation so we could run the "spiced" ones....:)

  3. Or here's a thought, actually have photojournalist on your staff that do photojournalism and conduct themselves under ethical rules of photojournalism.