Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Letter Writer Agnes Howard Plagiarizes Her Obama Libel

Agnes Howard of Port Charlotte, Fla., wrote a recent letter to the Charlotte Sun in which she seemed more unoriginal* and irrational than most, even considering the local  "tea party" blow-hards that the editors like to encourage (by publishing).  And she was.  
Agnes Howard is not just nasty with her words and wrong in her out-of-context "facts," but it looks like she might be a plagiarist as well. The letter that Port Charlotte's own Agnes Howard signed and sent to the editors as her composition has appeared in half a dozen other newspapers across the land since last December, has been reprinted under another name at an AOL news digest and other sites, as well.  It's impossible to tell, at this point, who the originator might be, but it's obvious who at least one of the plagiarists is.

Isn't the Web wonderful?  It's not necessary to work at being ignorant any more; the Internet can do it for you. Just sign here.
*Nikita Khrushchev of Russia ....? Yes, Agnes not only says this, she leads with it.

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