Monday, October 20, 2008

The Bear Stops Here

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The Arcadia Golf Course is really in bad shape. Most of the greens have bear stops, the fairways need fertilizing, there are brown and bare spots, fire ant hills are everywhere, fairway and rough, needs treated for fire ants.

And against all recommendations ....
by the Associated Press Stylebook, Merriam Webster's 11th, and New World: "Slightly cooler temperatures have been forecasted ..."

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  1. I've just started looking at your website after seeing it mentioned on
    I didn't realize there were many mistakes in the other paper beside the gondolier.
    I'm from Ohio and the paper in our town was very good, few mistakes.
    Oh and I';m a avid golfer and have to say I've never seen a bear on any course I've ever played in Florida in the last 15 years.