Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dear Abby: I Haz Not Copee Editur Bluz

Deer Abby: I know you get alots
of letters from peeple complaining
about there bosses. I'd like to offer some thin a bit different, and maybe briten, yur day. I work as a copy eidter at Charlotte Sun Newspaper and my bosses are the nicest peeple around. They idid not mind that i hated speling in schol. Now I get to rite hedlimes. Hope you like the on I rote for your colum this morning. Betz Wishz: Copee Eitur and Yur Fan.

P.S. ... I have a intern to tuttor. Today she writez "violent crimes against individuals is down in the first six months of this year compared to last year states a recently released report by Florida Department of Law Enforcement." Iznt she good!

P.P.S. Im voting for the demicrat for sherrif. Because DeSoto Assistant Editer Hoffman sez to and sheez a good writer to:

Algar has not had direct law
enforcement experience, although she has
training in crime scene investigation
and has worked as an private investigat-
or. Compare that with Wise, who
has 30 years as a law enforcement
officer (including 12 years as the
chief deputy in DeSoto County).
She has some hefty competition.
So why does Algar think she's

Today's non sequitur:

Help your
get better

by Chris Porter

In an effort to improve your
paper, the Sun is kicking off a

Uh, Chris, "kicking off a survey" won't help "my" newspaper get better. Surveys don't improve papers. But editing and news judgment might. Today's raft of readers' letters to the editor informing us that the Democratic presidential candidate is a Muslim and hangs with terrorists violates of the ethical and factual standards at every legitimate newspaper in the land. Shame on you.

More about that survey:

When the survey is over, we'll
take all of the participants and
have a drawing for some $50
Publix gift cards

Hmm. How to fit all those participants in the hat ... ?

And One More Observation: Not only does the pen-wielding editor/writer all but endorse Candidate Wise in the news report, she -- the editor -- runs a prison-quality mug shot for one and the flag-in-the-background studio pose for her favorite.


  1. I'm sure it won't be long now before DDR and company through in the towel. Their statement will probably contain the usual "it is with deep sadness" and "with a heavy heart" and then the reason for the failure of course will be severe economic conditions unprecedented in the history of the newspaper group.
    No mention will be given to management, which failed to show the leadership and courage to make changes in personnel, content and design which could have stabilized the situation long before it became critical.
    There are businesses in Sarasota and Charlotte counties that are thriving because they provide their customers the best product and prices. These businesses identify customer needs and wants and fulfill those needs and wants with hard work and dedication.
    Some of the editors at SCMG properties appear too lazy and/or lacking a devotion to their newspapers to even give those newspapers the slightest hope of surviving. It's sad.

  2. Regarding Abby, the wire service makes it so easy. It provides the headline! All you have to do is format it! But, alas, retyping is the curse of the poorly trained copy editor. And, of course, shame on whoever "read" the page. There used to be part-time proofreaders in the Charlotte office but they must have been axed long ago. (Gotta save that $7 per hour, you know.)