Saturday, March 5, 2011

Plagiarizing Preacher Steals Website Words

Brett Jones is the newest person to join the Sun Media Group's growing roster of plagiarizing preachers. To honor the tradition of stealing words and dishing them up one's own, Venice Gondolier editors might consider naming the Saturday section "Plagiarism."

It is likely that Pastor Brett Jones knows quite well what attribution is. Like most in his business, he probably attributes whenever he quotes his particular holy book, noting that his words and ideas came from a particular chapter and verse. But for some reason, Pastor Brett Jones thinks it's OK to write from the Internet without attribution.

A phrase search quickly shows that Brett Jones didn't write his news announcement; he copied it word for word without a quotation mark or one word of attribtion from a news release or website of some sort. After plagiarizing, he sent the document to Gondolier editors as his own work.

About that byline -- make it "Pastor Brett Jones, Guest Plagiarist."

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