Sunday, March 6, 2011

Diabetes Columnist Plagiarizes ADA Website

Joe Valley, Sun Media Group's diabetes writer, runs a column today that's a simple reproduction of American Diabetes Association's Internet page on foot problems. The only difference is that the version in the Charlotte Sun newspaper carries Joe Valley's picture -- clearly intended to suggest to readers that he wrote the material.

At the end of the article, Joe Valley refers interested readers not to ADA or another reliable source, but to his own website. The website is anchored with Google ads ("The Diabetes Lies"), and the front page says Joe would "love to here from others..." and wants "hints" and "idea's" to improve his site.

Old Word Wolf recommends several improvements: Stop plagiarizing. Learn to attribute. Write your own stuff -- and then get a proofreader.

The newspaper column makes no reference to any credentials that the writer might have, much less any reference to the source he plagiarized. Judging by his column photo, he's just another pretty face for Sun Media Group's lineup of writers who get paid to copy the internet.

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